Guzheng initiation course introduction

(Group Lesson)

About learning Guzheng initiation course, we start from the most basic introduction, including reading music and fingering. You know, Guzheng is a national musical instrument of China. Therefore, in order to facilitate the children or adult learner to learn the Guzheng, the score we are learning now is a numbered musical notation.

Our teaching goal is to start from the basic fingering exercises, and then to the primary music "Sixth Board", "Jasmine", etc., and finally to play the high-level songs independently such as

" Fishing Junks At Sunset ", " High Mountain and Running Water " and so on.

The difficulty we learn the course will gradually become more difficult. And the textbooks we use are mainly《MAGIC EASTERN MUSIC STUDIO》(Customized teaching materials) and

《Chinese Guzheng grading test pieces》 ((the first and second volume) - Shanghai Guzheng Association version)China Guzheng Exam Pieces (Shanghai Guzheng Association) Vol 1&2. Additional supplementary handouts: auxiliary music or ensemble music.

In general, as long as you spend 2-3 months learning the most basic courses, then you can apply the basic fingering, read music and techniques to some simple songs.

If you like Guzheng and would like to take some time for practicing, there is no doubt that you will have unexpected gains. And through learning, you can cultivate your patience and perseverance. The teaching program and plan of this course are formulated by Miss YAO LU, and the teaching task is held by Miss Lu or the teacher recommended by her.

Editor YAO LU

Yours Truly






难度循序渐进,使用教材以《MAGIC EASTERN MUSIC STUDIO》订制教材和《中国古筝考级曲集》 ((上,下) - 上海筝协版本)China Guzheng Exam Pieces (Shanghai Guzheng Association) Vol 1&2为主,辅助的小乐曲或者合奏的小乐曲会另外有补充讲义。